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Welcome to NKR Logistics

Hello!! Welcome to the website of one the oldest and the most reliable transport company in India. We take pride in informing you that we have been developing and growing ourselves since 1985.

Started in 1985 with an office in Delhi, over the years we have now grown to offices in Jammu, Shimla,Ganga Nagar, Chandigarh, Agra, Bangalore, Tamil Nadu and Kerala along with associate offices across India. Our list of owned offices is growing along with our team of self-propelled and expert manpower that have been loyal and dedicated to us and we in turn are humbly grateful to them.

Also a word of thanks to our ever growing customers who once take our service we ensure that we do not let them go to another service provider. We focus on adding customers by giving them quality and reliable services!!

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Relocation is not easy and it can be an emotionally and physically taxing experience. Whether it is moving into a new home 3,000 K.M away or moving offices across the state, a move requires great energy, thought and care.

At NKR we think empathetically and act strategically to ensure the entire relocation process is handled with care and efficiency. As a market leader in move management, we are committed to providing customized service and impeccable care to ensure each step of the relocation process is carried out to the highest standard of quality. With a history of assisting in over 33,000 moves across the country, we strive to meet the dynamic needs of the Indian community of movers, recognizing their deepest concerns and providing solutions that matter.

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ODC - With our expertise in road logistics operations, we can offer optimum, reasonable, coordinated and competent transport solution of Transportation of heavy and odd dimensional cargo to any destination in India. Keeping in mind to deliver cumbersome gigantic consignments, which are propagating with increasing size of projects, NKR provides its customers with multimodal logistics solution by moving through National Highway Routes in India. Our Industrial Packing experts can engineer innovative solutions for packing and movement of industrial products and machines. We offer cost-effective packing solutions for one-time movements or assembly line packing solutions on contractual basis.

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Transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables is a delicate process. Being perishable food, they must be handled properly to avoid unnecessary damage and delay in reaching their destination in perfect condition.

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